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Are You Willing to Serve?

05/02/2024 12:00 PM | Dustin Melchior (Administrator)

Your leadership, your voice, your organization.
Organizational leadership positions seeking enthusiastic nominees.

This is the last call reminding you that the ASPBP Nominating Committee is currently seeking nominations and self-nominations for President-Elect, Annual Conference Chair, Membership and Internal Communications Chair, Public Relations and Advocacy Chair, and Research and Scholarship Chair,  as well as Western, Central, Southern, Northeastern and International Region Representatives from among the ASPBP membership. We encourage you to consider one of these positions or to nominate someone you feel would be a worthy candidate. You are encouraged to obtain consent before nominating a fellow colleague.

The General Council is the governing body that provides leadership and direction for ASPBP, and all our various programs and activities. Details on each position can be found below.

The President-Elect is the second highest-ranking officer of the Association and shall support the President to advance the work of the Association. At the end of the term, the President-Elect shall assume the office as President of the Association. If the President is temporarily unable to fulfill their duties to the Association, the President-Elect may be appointed Acting President by the General Council. If the President resigns or is unable to fulfill their duties for an extended period, the President-Elect shall become the President, and a new President-Elect shall be elected by a majority vote in a special election of the General Council within 30 days of resignation notice. The President-Elect serves as Chair of the Bylaws Committee. The term of the President-Elect shall be 2 years. 

Annual Conference Chair
The Annual Conference Committee shall oversee the organization and implementation of the annual conference. The Committee will work with the Treasurer to coordinate revenue and expenditures for the meeting.

Membership and Internal Communications Chair
The Membership and Internal Communications Committee shall be responsible for recruiting and maintaining members for the Association. The Committee will work with the Secretary to coordinate membership communications.

Public Relations and Advocacy Chair
The Public Relations and Advocacy Committee shall actively engage with key stakeholders to expand the Association agenda at regional and national meetings, advocate for Association concerns with external organizations, and maintain a social media presence to promote Association goals. The Committee will work with the Secretary to monitor the consistency of communications with partner organizations and the public.

Research and Scholarship Chair
The Research and Scholarship Committee shall work with the Finance Committee to develop and maintain a grant funding program for Association members. The Committee will work with the Treasurer to apply for financial mechanisms to support the Association’s Values, Vision, and Mission.

Regional Representatives
The Regional Representatives serve as Chairs for the membership groups of each listed region. A list of the states and provinces belonging to each region are specified on the Association website. Regional Representatives will hold at least quarterly meetings of their regions, or as needed more frequently, and will inform the General Council of activities that may be of interest to the general association.

If any of these opportunities to expand your influence in STEMM pathway and bridge programs while advancing the work of ASPBP fit your personal career goals, then the Nomination Committee invites you to submit your nomination for one of these positions

To submit your nomination or self-nomination by May 15, 2024, 11:59 PM PDT, please click here. We look forward to hearing from the membership and thank you for your continued commitment to the ASPBP mission.

If you have questions or problems with the form, please email

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