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Meet the 2024 ASPBP Program Chair!

04/02/2024 9:00 AM | Dustin Melchior (Administrator)

Vicky Rhine

ASPBP is excited to feature Vicky Rhine as the 2024 Program Chair! Below, Rhine talks about what ASPBP means to her, what she is looking forward to about the upcoming conference and more!

Vicky Rhine, 2024 ASPBP Program Chair

What does being a part of ASPBP mean to you?
ASPBP recognizes and supports the work of pathway and bridge program professionals that often goes unacknowledged. I firmly believe that if we want to see increased student success and improved representation in healthcare, we must continue enhancing the curriculum and programming that provides a safety net for students of all needs and backgrounds. ASPBP is that connector for PBP professionals, allowing for collaboration and the sharing of ideas for future innovation. 

Why do you think ASPBP membership is valuable?
 There are very few resources available specifically to PBP professionals. Some conferences address general education, others address healthcare, but rarely has there been a group dedicated to pathway and bridge programming! ASPBP is THE opportunity for groups across the country to work together for this purpose.

What are you most looking forward to with the conference coming up in October?
This year's conference is going to offer increased opportunities for networking and collaboration. As Conference Committee Chair, I am excited to create shared spaces for professionals of the field to meet with one another and identify concrete strategies for improving their pathway and bridge programs. Our conference planning committee is working hard to curate an experience that will build upon the success of previous meetings and accelerate the success of ASPBP and its members!

Anything else about yourself or ASPBP that you want to mention?I thrive on working collaboratively and enjoy any opportunity to work with ASPBP members! If anyone has interest in checking out our conference planning committee or submitting an idea for this year's conference, please reach out to me!
A little about me outside of work: I live in Denver, CO, I spend my summers exploring new hiking trails and my winters developing my ski skills. I have a labradoodle named Phoebe and I am getting married in July! It'll be a busy and exciting 2024!

The 2024 ASPBP Annual Conference is set to take place virtually October 1-3, 2024! Keep checking your email for more information regarding the conference.

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